The History of IMS: Growth, Quality, and Accolade

IMS is one of Minnesota’s top metal fabrication and powder coating outfits, providing high-quality metal work to businesses of all sizes in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Take a deep dive into the history of IMS, and find out what makes the IMS family so special.

IMS was started in 2005 as the first Minnesotan metal fabrication firm.

With an automated production and information system, enabling them to quickly make waves by providing higher quality, and more accurate work at a lower price than the industry players at that time.

From this early indicator of excellence in the history of IMS, the company has grown exponentially into the powerhouse it is today, offering cutting-edge services like powder coating and hybrid stocking.

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2005 to 2014: Humble Roots and Explosive Growth

The history of IMS started in 2005 when it was started by Chris Hollenback and a number of partners. Their goal was to create an industrial metal fabrication firm that provided the same – or higher – levels of quality as their competition, but without the hassle and extra cost.

They succeeded, and IMS began growing both in volume and expertise. As the first metal fabrication outfit in Minnesota with automated information systems, they perfectly positioned themselves to bring out the best in their customers’ products.

From 2005 to 2014, IMS used its growth to specialize in other fabrication processes, including:

Their reputation for high-quality, finely made fabricated metal pieces allowed them to diversify into more cutting-edge, sophisticated industries, like:

IMS firmly solidified itself as the premier metal fabricator in the Twin Cities and beyond, and by 2014, the right heads were beginning to turn.

2014: Acquired By CT Holdings

CT Holdings is a shared services family of companies known for their leading expertise in the world of industrial fabrication, mobile hydraulics and industrial wireless communications.

After its impressive run from 2005 to 2014, IMS became the ideal target for a CT acquisition. It checked the marks for quality of work, company culture, and excellence in business, earning it a place amongst CT’s then-already-impressive portfolio.

Since the acquisition, CT has grown substantially, and continues to be one of the fastest-growing companies in the Twin Cities.

2015: Merged with Quick Turn Powder Coating and Obtained ISO Certification

In early 2015, CT Holdings merged IMS with Quick Turn Powder Coating in order to magnify and maximize their productivity.

Quick Turn started in the 1990s. Their aptitude for taking projects from initial concept to high-volume production runs set them apart in the industry. They were acquired by CT Holdings in March 2014.

Since merging with IMS, the quality of work and speed of turnaround have only gotten better, proving CT’s theory that the two companies could be more than the sum of their parts.

In April 2014, IMS received its ISO certification, ISO 9001:2015, which indicates to customers and competitors that IMS meets or exceeds the highest possible standards of consistency and control in their manufacturing processes.

Even producing over 4,000 parts per day, IMS maintains a level of standardization that the International Organization for Standardization has deemed worthy of certification.

Best of all, companies that are ISO-certified must demonstrate plans to make their processes even better. The history of IMS will continue to be that of an insdustry leader in quality standards.

2019: CT Holdings Ranks For Growth On BizJournal’s Fast 50 List

CT Holdings has a history of correct decisions that pay off massively.

From 2016 to 2018, CT Holdings experienced an almost unparalleled growth rate of 63.99%, earning them the 28th on BizJournals Fast 50 List.

BizJournals is one of the largest business publications in the world, with over 4 million weekly readers. To be recognized by them is an accomplishment every business seeks, but few deserve.

BizJournals was impressed by IMS and the CT family’s growth, but they were also inspired by the management and quality of work that was maintained through that growth. The Fast 50 Honoree list recognizes the 50 fastest-growing companies in the Twin Cities area, and CT made the list with no sweat.

2021 and 2022: Xometry Excellence Twice In A Row

As if the BizJournals award wasn’t enough, IMS then went on to win the Xometry Award For Manufacturing Excellence in 2021, and then again in 2022.

The Xometry Award For Manufacturing Excellence recognizes the most effective fabrication and manufacturing companies in the country, noting their quality of work, timeliness of completion, and overall responsiveness to customer needs and inquiries.

Winning the award once is not an accomplishment to sneeze at. Winning it twice in a row shows a commitment and dedication to excellence that is all too rare these days, especially in manufacturing.

2023 and Beyond: Passion and a Continued Commitment to Customers

When asked what the company’s plans were for 2023, Thomas Peterson, the top executive at CT, said “to focus on delivering products, solutions and services that make our customers want to say, ‘STAC/IMS makes my life better.’ That’s our legacy.”

This guiding philosophy, as well as the team members who exemplify it, are the reason behind IMS’s success.

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