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Metal fabrication and powder-coating services for the retail industry

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Retailers today need reliable products to run their businesses. Whether it’s an auto-part that was purchased in-store, the fire-extinguisher that hangs on the wall in case of an emergency, or the cash register checking out folks up front, IMS has the expertise and knowledge to deliver the high-quality retail parts and products you need to be successful. Any business operating today has experienced disruptions in supply chains, product availability, delivery timelines, and labor shortages. As an American owned and operated company that has been providing metal fabrication and powder coating services to the upper Midwest for over seventeen years, we’ve developed deep relationships with our suppliers and our shipping partners to help reduce the impact that these disruptions might have on you and your business. We take time to collaborate with our customers from design all the way to delivery to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. Finally, we offer flexible production, kitting, and storage options to help navigate supply times, inventory issues, and free up space. Contact us to learn more about how IMS can be your single manufacturing supplier for all of your retail needs

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Reliable contract manufacturing for retail operations

Our customers rely on us for their retail manufacturing needs due to the high quality and variety of products we create, the flexibility we offer with our production runs, and the expertise we provide at every step of the process. Retail sales and manufacturing output have started to increase as the economy recovers from the pandemic, and brick and mortar stores are beginning to ramp up to meet demand. According to a recent article by Reuters, retail sales and manufacturing output increased by 0.9% and 0.8% respectively in the month of April, helping to bolster the economy even as the Fed hikes interest rates to combat inflation. “”The rising capacity utilization rate provides further evidence that supply chain problems are abating, higher output will help slow inflation,” said Gus Faucher, chief economist at PNC Financial in Pittsburgh.” At IMS we’ve worked with small and large retail operations alike, including the manufacture of Point of Purchase (POP) displays for companies like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Kohls. We’re dedicated to the success of our retail customers and as an American-owned and operated company are proud to support them on the road to economic recovery.

Retail Manufacturing and powder coating

Aside from manufacturing products used in the operation of retail stores, IMS also specializes in the fabrication and painting of products to be sold in retail stores as well. We can create a variety of different types of products including railings, light poles, furniture, auto-parts, and more in our 55,000 square foot facility located just outside of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Our state of the art 500-foot powder coating mainline gives us the flexibility to take on large jobs and get them done ahead of schedule. And if we don’t currently manufacture the part or product you’re looking for, our highly skilled engineering team can work directly with you to build product designs that meet your exact specifications.

A single source for retail manufacturing

The size and flexibility of our facility combined with the expertise of our engineers and metal workers provides us with the ability to meet all your retail manufacturing requirements under one roof. Having a single manufacturer for your operations and shelf-products gives you more options and less disruption than sourcing your contract manufacturing from several different shops. For our larger clients, we offer modern kitting and storage options that free up space in your facility while helping with overall inventory management. For our smaller clients, we can combine orders to realize economies of scale, and set up specialized deliveries to make sure your timelines are met. Regardless of your size, IMS is a trustworthy partner that can provide you with options to help tackle any disruption that might come your way.

High-quality retail manufacturing services

IMS has been a trusted source of manufacturing for the retail industry for years. From operational equipment to store parts and products, we offer flexible schedules and industry expertise to make sure your retail operation stays up and running. We value our clients and the relationships we’ve built over the last 17 years and look forward to continuing to support the Twin Cites area in the years to come. Whether you’re looking to buy a small batch of AED cabinets to keep up with federal regulations, order a run of auto-parts to re-stock your shelves, or looking to outfit an entirely new retail outlet or warehouse, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver you what you need when you need it. Contact us to find out how Integrated Manufacturing Solutions can help you achieve retail success.

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