Powder Coating Services in the Twin Cities

Powder Coating Services for the Twin Cities Area

With the industry booming, you might ask yourself, what exactly is powder coating? Powder coating isn’t exactly like other paint applications, such as spray-painting or rolling on paints.

That’s because it’s not actually paint at all – it’s more like plastic that’s been baked onto your metal parts in an oven. It’s popular among manufacturers and businesses because of its durability and its corrosion resistance. As it turns out, we happen to provide powder coating in the Twin Cities.

IMS has experience in powder coating pretty much every application you can imagine, including:

  • Industrial furniture
  • Fixtures
  • Displays
  • Medical trays
  • Tanks
  • Point-of-sale brackets
  • Air filtration housings
  • Extrusions
  • Roll over protection
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Railings
  • Enclosures
  • Brackets
  • Acoustical perforations
  • Automotive aftermarket suspension components
  • Electrical panels
  • Guard rails
  • Safety guarding
  • Solar panel brackets
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What Is Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process that uses an electrostatic charge to distribute a dry powder onto the surface of the object. The powder is then heated and melted into a smooth, hard, and durable finish. It’s often used for steel, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized metal, and various other materials.

A powder coating finish is one of a few different methods you can use to get a durable, long-lasting finish on your products. It’s typically applied over metal, and since it’s only a finishing coat, it doesn’t change the properties of whatever material you’re applying it over.
Powder coating is good for a variety of different applications. Depending on your needs, we can help you find the right type of powder coating.

It’s an alternative to paint, it’s environmentally friendly, and can work on a wide range of products. For these reasons, powder coating is a great choice for manufacturing.

How Does Powder Coating Work?

Powder coating is a process that is used to create a durable, decorative finish for steel. aluminum, and other materials. The powder coating process starts by giving the product a base coat with an electrostatic charge.

Next, the product is dipped into a vat of liquid-like powder. Once in the vat, it will be sprayed with air to remove any excess powder and then baked or cured with heat so that it will stick to the surface of your product.

It is also possible to spray the powder onto your product, instead of dipping it into a vat. Spraying allows you more control over where you place your coating and offers a wider range of finishes than dip coating does.

The process for spraying powder is similar to that used for liquid coatings: apply an undercoat, then your top coat, and then finish with a clear coat on top of that.

Industries That Use Powder Coatings

Powder coating can be used by any industry that requires durable metal parts, including:

It is used as a protective and decorative finish for metal components where paint would wear off. Powder coatings are typically applied to products in a number of industries like, construction, and electrical, which share the goal of increasing the longevity of their products with a durable coating.

Many people prefer powder coating because it does not leave behind the hazardous chemicals that come from painting, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or sulfur dioxide (SO2). Some people also say that powder coating leaves a better surface quality on steel than paint does.

Whether you’re looking for an environmentally friendly solution or one that provides superior results, powder coating will provide your product with unparalleled protection and durability.

Give Integrated Manufacturing Solutions a call to learn more about our batch and line process, including how we use state-of-the-art equipment to create beautiful finishes for your products!

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating comes with many benefits that other painting or coating processes can’t match, including:

  • Lower environmental impact
  • Higher durability
  • Less rub-off
  • Lower costs, in many cases

When you powder coat metal parts, you get a durable and cost-effective finish that protects from scratches, corrosion, and more. Not to mention, the finish is smooth and shiny for a professional appearance.

When you powder coat metal parts, your parts are protected from rust and corrosion. Powder coating also won’t chip or crack, even throughout heavy usage. Plus, because of its thick texture, it’s hard to scratch. And unlike some other finishes that can cause discoloration or contain harmful chemicals (like paint), powder coating is a safer choice for any environment.

As an added benefit, powder coating comes in many colors, so you can choose a finish that will coordinate with your style or branding. If you want something colorful, but not flashy, consider powder coating in a neutral color like white or gray.

If you want something flashy and eye-catching, try gold or green. Whatever your preference, we’ll help you find just what you’re looking for!


Powder coating is a durable finish that offers a variety of colors and textures. Powder coatings are strong and durable, which means they are better at resisting scratches, chips, and cracks than other types of finishes such as paint or clear coat. Plus, powder coating can help protect the underlying material from rust or corrosion due to its chemical resistance properties.

If you’re still on the fence when it comes to powder coating versus wet paint or clear coat, keep in mind that powder coating can also increase a product’s longevity. Since powder coating can provide excellent durability and resistance to scratches, chips, and cracks, your finished product will look new for years to come.

Integrated Manufacturing Solutions Difference

Our powder coating process provides a hard, durable, non-porous finish that won’t rust or corrode. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, non-flammable, offers more colors than ever before, and, best of all, it’s fast!

If you’re looking for the best powder coating company in the Twin Cities, then look no further than Integrated Manufacturing Solutions. We have years of experience providing quality powder coating service to our customers.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most technologically advanced companies in Minnesota, utilizing only the latest and greatest equipment available on the market today.


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