Industrial Powder Coating Services in Minnesota

All of the powder coating IMS provides for its customers is done in-house on our customer built paint line. That means, one less stop in your manufacturing process!

Thousands of Custom Colors and Textures

No matter what specialty color or texture you would like for your product, we can make a custom powder coating paint for it.

Powder Coating for Projects Big and Small

With the use of an automated line system as well as a manual batch system we can provide powder coating for projects both large and small in volume and size.

Extremely Durable Powder Coating Paint

Our powder coat paint is a much higher quality paint than the standard industrial applied coatings. Each piece is hand prepared, cleaned, and precisely coated.

Quality Powder Coating Services in Minnesota

IMS has two powder coating systems that can be utilized based on part size and weight, up to 8’x8’x20′. We have hundreds of stock colors and textures available from long time local suppliers to make any color or texture required. No matter what specialty color or texture you would like for your product, we can customize the right type of powder coat paint for it.  IMS is one of the only companies in the Twin Cities area that can provide such a large range of colors and textures.

Whether you need full-service sheet metal fabrication services, or you simply need powder coating finishing for your project, the IMS team is here for you.

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Advantages of Using Our Powder Coating Process

Integrated Manufacturing Solutions combines state-of-the-art technology and exceptionally trained metal fabrication professionals with top-notch customer service. We will go out of our way to ensure that your needs are met in every step of the process so that the final product is one that you’re proud of.

IMS’ powder coating solutions involve the innovative use of carefully procured materials and tried and true methods to provide a higher quality professional finish at a lower cost.

Each workpiece is meticulously cleaned, rinsed, and dried to remove any contaminants that could inhibit the powder coat paint from adhering to the surface. After the powder coat finish is applied, the workpieces are cured to harden the coating. This process allows us to inspect and correct potential issues at multiple stages resulting in a high-quality powder coat with a beautiful finish.

Our powder paint lines are divided into two separate lines:

  • We are able to handle smaller parts that can be powder coated with an electrostatic spray deposit in an assembly line fashion in bulk, and larger parts that must be manually processed individually.
  • The line set up results in an efficient process that saves time and ensures all pieces have a consistent thickness and coverage of powder paint for a high-quality finish. Even intricately cut and formed component pieces that are difficult to coat with traditional liquid paints can be handled in our powder coating process.

Our powder coating process is cost-effective over the long term as there is no need for re-application of the finish. The powder coat paint mixture bonded with the polymer resin creates a highly durable, scratch resistant finish that requires little to no maintenance.

The powder coating process is an integral part of IMS’ precision sheet metal fabrication business that can provide a one-stop fabrication and finishing solution for businesses in a variety of industries.

Integrated Manufacturing Solutions highly trained personnel are skilled in handling all aspects of the sheet metal fabrication process. We combine many services under one roof in an integrated process that will add value to your business, including the following:

From concept to completed product, IMS can handle all your metal fabrication and powder coating needs. At Integrated Manufacturing Solutions, we will go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with our customer service and the finished product.

How can we partner with you in powder coating the parts and products you need?

Why Choose IMS' Powder Coating Services?

1000+ Colors

1000+ Textures

Custom Paint Colors

Small Projects

Huge Projects

Extremely Durable Finish

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What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating of metals is the process of dry finishing metal products with powder paint. Powder coating is a paint that is applied as a polymer resin powder, then it is cured using high heat to form a smooth, hard coating. It provides a much more durable finish than normal paint, so it is an attractive paint to use on metal surfaces. At IMS, we provide this service for a wide variety of metals, including copper, steel, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.

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“We really appreciate your ability to turn things around so quickly and work with us!!”
“Thank you for showing us your facility. I am impressed with how your company handles orders and communicates them to the shop floor. Nice job!”

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