Reliable Contract Manufacturing For The Supply Chain Industry

High Quality Supply Chain Manufacturing and Powder Coating Services

IMS is a Single Provider for a Wide Variety of Supply Chain Manufacturing Needs

The supply chain is at the heart of the global economy. The ability to efficiently move resources and products is essential for countries and businesses around the world. The supply chain is comprised of innumerable different services, components and products that facilitate its smooth operation. For years Integrated Manufacturing Solutions has been supplying high quality manufacturing and powder coating services for supply chain providers throughout the upper Midwest. We know the value of having a reliable manufacturing partner to make sure that your products are produced and delivered to you on time. At our state-of-the-art, 55,000 square foot facility we employ some of the brightest minds in manufacturing and offer a wide array of design, production, and types of powder-coating services. We operate as a single supplier for all your manufacturing needs, eliminating the stress of dealing with multiple shops. We also offer a variety of production and delivery schedules, giving you the flexibility to manage your inventory and react to market changes. Contact us to find out more about how IMS can improve your supply chain.

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A Wide Range of Supply Chain Parts and Products

The supply chain affects virtually every industry out there. Agricultural production and distribution, oil and gas development and refining, aggregate mining operations and steel production plants are all part of the global supply chain. At IMS we’ve been producing parts and products to keep the supply industry going for over seventeen years. Some examples of supply industry products we’ve manufactured include:

  • Agricultural/Farming – Truck and tractor cabs for that go on large farm machinery from providers such as John Deere
  • Oil and Gas Refining – Industry products such as gauges, fittings, and other components.
  • Packaging – Parts and components for packaging equipment and conveyors
  • Transportation – Auto parts such as bumpers we manufacture for CVF racing

Aside from offering both design and manufacturing services, we also offer precision powder coating along our 500-foot powder coat line. As a true one-stop-shop from design to delivery, IMS promises to be there every step of the way with the expertise and knowledge to produce a wide array of parts and products to help you keep the supply chain moving.

Flexible Contract Manufacturing and Powder Coating Services

Businesses have worked tirelessly over the past few years to navigate the effects of the pandemic on supply chains and customer sentiment in general. Reacting to the ups and downs of supply and demand, resource scarcity, and delivery schedules has been tenuous at best. At IMS, we offer flexible production and delivery options to help your business navigate ever changing requirements. We can align our customer’s buying patterns to realize economies of scale that are often available only to extremely large businesses. We also can also schedule production runs to meet your needs, whether you need an enormous run done immediately or need to space out shipments to manage inventory, we’re here to produce the parts you need and deliver them where and when you need them.

A Trusted Partner in Your Own Backyard

As the supply chain industry navigates the headwinds of coming out of the recent pandemic, Integrated Manufacturing Solutions promises to stand by our customers and continue to provide the best in production, storage, and delivery options that meet your needs. As an American owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on our history of supplying the greater Midwest with reliable, quality parts and products for over seventeen years. Whether you’re a large, long-term supplier to the industry, or a mom-and-pop shop just getting started, IMS is here to help you work through the intricacies of product design, manufacturing, and delivery to make sure you have confidence in the fact that you’ll be able to deliver on your contracts.

Supplying a Supply Chain in Need

As the world works to weather the long-term effects of the global pandemic on supply chains, manufacturing, and delivery, we here at IMS take pride in our commitment to helping our customers navigate the ever-changing landscape of resource availability, consumer demand, and shipping disruptions. We understand the value of having a trusted partner you can rely on and strive to offer the same high-quality design, manufacturing, kitting, and storage options to all of our clients, regardless of size. Experience a level of service from a contract manufacturer unlike any other in the greater Twin Cities– give us a call.

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