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Hospitals, urgent care centers, and small-town doctor’s offices all rely on the same high-quality pieces of medical equipment to do their jobs. Medical manufacturers today must offer the most precise manufacturing techniques to ensure their products meet the stringent standards of the medical industry. Whether you are ordering a large production run of a simple part like medical trays or are trying out an innovative design, IMS has the experience, knowhow, and technology to manufacture the equipment you require at the specifications you determine. At our 55,000 square foot facility located in the greater Twin Cities area we offer state of the art sheet metal fabricating and laser cutting services as well as high quality powder coating on our 500-foot powder coating mainline. We also offer flexible production, storage, and delivery options so that you are never wondering when you’re going to get your parts. Contact us if you are looking for a local, long-standing partner as your medical equipment manufacturer.

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Precision Medical Component Manufacturing

Medical professionals require equipment that is designed to meet very specific standards to address the ever-changing landscape of health needs today. Integrated Manufacturing Solutions has over seventeen years of history manufacturing medical equipment and components for a variety of health-related businesses throughout the upper Midwest. We offer state-of-the-art laser cutting and metal forming services, along with top-notch powder coating and paint options to ensure the quality of our deliverables. Our employees provide the best customer service along with the latest in manufacturing technology on a schedule and at a cost that works for you. We have helped design and manufacture a large variety of medical components including:

  • Prep trays
  • Electrical enclosures
  • IV Poles
  • Infection control stands
  • Medical carts
  • Linen hampers
  • Glove holders
  • Phone printer brackets

Beyond our list of stock parts and equipment, we are also available to collaborate with you on custom designs and prototyping. Our highly skilled engineers can sit down with you to gather product requirements, import them into SolidWorks CAD software, and take them from design all the way to a finished product in a process-driven development environment.

Flexibility when you need it

Over the last seventeen years we have developed some amazing relationships with many of our suppliers, shippers, and other partners that we work with. The trust that we have built with our vendors helps us manage many of the disruptions that you might experience in the industry such as material shortages, disruptions in deliveries, or general logistical mismanagement. Another factor that minimizes obstacles is that all our production at IMS is conducted in-house. By not having multiple shops responsible for various aspects of your manufacturing process you reduce the risk exposure by limiting the number of potential disruptions.

Flexibility also includes offering medical manufacturing timeframes that meet your needs. From small batch runs to mass productions of several distinct parts, IMS will work directly with you to find the best production schedule that works for you, which can reduce churn and save time and money by knowing you’ll have exactly what you need when you need it. Finally, we provide in-house inventory storage for your completed product as well as custom kitting programs that minimize both storage and shipping costs while improving inventory management. Kits allow you to prepackage multiple parts or pieces of equipment into a single shipment which can significantly improve shipping and inventory management.

Case Study: CENTiCARE Corporation

IMS opened our doors back in 2005 and we’re proud to be an American company supporting the upper Midwest from our home in Shakopee, MN. We endeavor to work closely with our customers to make sure we understand and accommodate all the product design and manufacturing requirements prior to starting a production run. As an example, we worked with CENTiCARE Corporation, a medical equipment manufacturer based right here in the Twin Cities area for over 30 years. CENTiCARE came to us looking for a more precise antimicrobial paint option while maintaining better control of their product and inventory. We were able to meet the painting requirements using our best-in-class painting technology and we were also able to save them money by offering a blanket buying program on an annual basis. Finally, we were able to provide them much more control over their product design, manufacture, and inventory by being a single-shop manufacturer and by offering them our flexible storage options.

At the end of the production they were able to significantly reduce trucking costs, improve their inventory management process, and lower their overall unit cost based on the annual pricing. We’re proud of our ability to meet the needs of our local medical businesses, and look forward to helping yours.

Quality Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Integrated Manufacturing Solutions is a long-time medical equipment manufacturer, partnering with numerous businesses here in Minnesota and throughout the upper Midwest. Our combination of technical knowledge, state-of-the-art facility, long-standing vendor relationships, and flexible production and inventory options gives our customers stability in an otherwise unstable industry. We are here to listen to your needs and provide you options that can save time, money, and headaches. Let us put our knowledge to work to help you meet the needs of the changing health-care landscape.

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