Why Quality Control Is So Important When Choosing a Metal Fabrication Company

When seeking to partner with a sheet metal fabrication company in the Twin Cities, MN region, for your needs, it’s critical to partner with a reliable, knowledgeable fabrication company that employs comprehensive quality control and assurance processes. Many industries rely extensively on Integrated Manufacturing Solutions’ metal fabrication services, such as the following:

How can a Fabricator with High Quality Control Standards Help Your Business?

The quality of a company’s product can make or break its reputation. Working with a metal fabrication company with high quality standards helps your business:

Save time and money. Defective parts can result in product error and break down, causing potential lawsuits if a large structural part fails, and costly delays to fix the problem and remake the part. 

However, working with a fabrication company that adheres to the strict global production standards required for ISO certification gives you assurance that your large structural parts will be reliable and error-free.

Increase business efficiency. Your business’ efficiency increases when you partner with a metal fabricator that uses high-quality materials, state-of -the-art machinery and techniques, and highly skilled workers that are continuously monitored for quality. You can rely on your large structural parts and complex metal fabricating jobs to be delivered on time, to your specifications every time.

Growth in your client base and profitability. A business that delivers a reliable, error-free product will gain a long-term relationship with new and existing customers and a reputation for being a business clients can rely on. More customers = greater profitability.

High-quality control standards for the metal fabricator you choose to partner with are essential. 

Your business can rely on even your largest and most complex parts to meet increasingly stringent regulations when you work with an ISO-certified metal fabricating partner, such as Integrated Manufacturing Solutions. Get a Quote on your next project.


Our Commitment to Quality Control

At Integrated Manufacturing Solutions (IMS), we provide industry-leading quality control throughout every aspect of the metal fabricating process, beginning with pre-production, continuing through operations, and culminating in final inspection and delivery. IMS focuses on four essential components of quality control, which are:

1) Compliance

We maintain up-to-date, cutting-edge equipment. Our team regularly inspects machinery and conducts thorough product inspections to guarantee that all parts and products are made to the client’s specifications.

IMS is ISO 9001:2015 certified to ensure all our products and services meet strict customer and regulatory requirements established by the global standards board.

2 ) Consistency

We believe in continuous communication between IMS and our customers to ensure that the Design Specs match the final product, and the business client is satisfied. IMS achieves stringent quality control through constant monitoring of production processes, allowing our workers to detect problems early and rectify them immediately.

3) Cost Control

We are meticulous in sourcing and selecting our materials and purchasing at the best cost possible. IMS maintains tight control of quality, so errors and downtime are minimized.

4) Safety & Reliability

Our fabricated metal parts are held to stringent, industry-specific production standards, which we meet and exceed through continuous monitoring. All employees are hand-picked for their skills and experience and continuously trained in OSHA safety standards.

Integrated Manufacturing Solutions was recognized as one of the U.S.’s most effective fabrication and manufacturing companies by being awarded the “Xometry Award for Manufacturing Excellence” in 2021 and 2022.

How to Choose a Metal Fabrication Company

When you choose a sheet metal fabrication company to partner with in the Twin Cities, look for the following characteristics.

Experience: Metal fabrication should be done by experienced professionals. Therefore, before hiring a fabrication company, check out their experience in projects like yours.

Quality: Some metal fabrication companies do the job, and some do the job well. You can ensure that the metal fabricators will do a high-quality job by reviewing the company’s quality control process.

Customer Service: You want your metal fabricator to be available to answer your calls and listen to your requirements. The fabricator you choose should have good customer service, which considers your needs or complaints.

IMS is a Value-Added Manufacturing Company

Our quality control fabrication process allows us to deliver consistently reliable, precision manufactured, error-free parts to our business customers on time and to their specifications.  

Integrated Manufacturing Solutions (IMS) specializes in fabrication of any size and any quantity fabrication of quality metal parts.

  • 18 years experience in metal fabrication in America 
  • 60,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities
  • End-to-end production from design to assembly
  • All work completed in-house
  • The first precision metal fabrication company with an automated information and production system in the upper Midwest.
  • Cutting-edge technology and processes 
  • Personalized customer service to give you the product you want. 

At IMS, we are not just a manufacturing company. We are a leading precision sheet metal fabrication and powder coating business that helps companies of all sizes improve overall costs by providing them with innovative solutions and flexibility that matches their business needs. 

Our skilled team of engineers provides all-in-one solutions for those needing complete Metal Fabrication services, including laser cutting, welding, assembly, and powder coating.

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