Why IMS – Inventory Management

We see it time and time again. A customer wants a high quantity price break but cannot afford to store that many products in their inventory. This is how our inventory management solution was born. 

Metal fabrication isn’t a one size fits all situation, so we created this process, allowing us to tailor every order to you. 

How It Works

You cut one purchase order and order the number you need for 3 months, a year, etc. We will then work with you to fulfill the order at the pace your business needs. Times are changing, and it can be difficult to predict the demand for extended periods: the inventory management solution takes this worry out of the equation.

Whether it is laser sheet metal cutting, welding, or powder coating, we will complete your pieces when you need them, on-demand, right here in our local MN shop.

If you order 10,000 pieces for a year and need 100 in September, 500 in October, etc, we will fulfill those orders at that particular time, allowing you to better gauge the demand, and receive your shipments on the schedule that works for your business, while benefiting from the high-quantity price break.

Benefits of Flexibility in Metal Fabrication

We can offer better pricing in this system because the parts are fabricated with an efficiency that works for everyone involved. This efficiency allows us to have even more remarkable turnaround times, saving your company money in more ways than one.

When our customers are ready for more, they simply email or call us and we replenish the stock. To keep the process smooth and hassle-free, once we send off an order to you, we begin preparing for the next order.

Many customers utilize this solution and our kanban option or other increased flexibility, allowing them to set up a revolving door of orders via the pickup and drop off of returnable containers.

Your MN Fabrication Partner

At Integrated Manufacturing Solutions, we have the square footage to help you out, hence this solution. We warehouse your stock, acting as an extension of your facility, another benefit of this solution. This aligns with our mission to be your partner in business, not just your vendor. 

We know manufacturing isn’t always sexy, but we are in the business to help people succeed, and have found that flexibility is the easiest way to do just that.

Interested? Let’s Chat.

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