When it Comes to Sheet Metal, We're a Cut Above The Rest!

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Sheet Metal Forming

At IMS, we are experts in sheet metal fabrication and forming. We begin our process by providing you with a free quote based on your design specifications or an idea you have. Then, IMS CAD programmers create files and 3D drawings into machine code, which tells our team  to form the sheets into the final part.  We can cut, punch, and bend any type of sheet metal to make a durable product. We can make both functional prototypes and end-use applications using our cutting-edge sheet metal fabrication machines. 

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At our welding shop in Shakopee, MN, we provide a wide range of welding services to meet all of your welding needs. Our welders all have a ISO 9001 Certification, meaning that we are trained and certified to make quality parts in a timely fashion. We prioritize making high-quality parts through the most appropriate welding processes, and in the most cost-effective manner.

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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

At IMS, we can laser cut nearly all metal types including Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. We are proud to have the only truly automated laser system in the upper midwest. It includes two new technology solid state lasers that will cut 24 gauge to 1 inch plate, with cut speeds exceeding 2000 inches per minute.  Laser cutting is often used in combination with sheet metal forming, which is another service we offer at Integrated Manufacturing Solutions.

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Sheet Metal Assembly

Our sheet metal assembly services provide a finished sub assembly ready for final installation at your facility. This service is often used in combination with sheet metal forming. We can put a large variety of products together, whether you have a large, complex assembly project, or a series of small, delicate assembly projects that require technical knowledge. We can do one-off assembly projects, or serve as a place to outsource your team’s assembly efforts. 

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Powder Coating Services

At IMS, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our powder coat paint. Each piece is hand prepared, cleaned, and coated. This allows us to inspect and correct potential issues at multiple stages resulting in a high quality powder coat with a beautiful finish. We have hundreds of stock colors and textures with suppliers to make any special color/texture required. No matter what specialty color or texture you would like for your product, we can make a custom powder coating paint for it.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

A Sheet Metal Fabricator bends, punches, forms, and shapes sheet metal into functional prototypes, low-volume production parts, and end-use applications. At IMS, we’re expert sheet metal fabricators. We’re the ONLY sheet metal fabricator in the Twin Cities area with an automated information and production system. We make it simple for companies of all sizes to streamline their manufacturing processes and get the parts they need, when they need them. 

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