Integrated Manufacturing Solutions and a World Wide Aluminum Railing Distributor


Lead Time, Increased Demand

During 2020, the US saw a 275% increase in deck construction.* The demand for these parts came swiftly, and our customer needed support to maintain inventory levels. They needed parts immediately, and wanted them to be sourced locally, versus overseas.


Hybrid Stocking Program, Reduced PO’s

We were able to move quickly, placing large quantity orders ASAP with one PO, reducing the time spent on a non-value add piece of the process. We then created a hybrid stocking program for them.

The hybrid stocking program allowed us to make game-day decisions regarding powder coating finishes, and dramatically reduce lead time. Which in turn allowed them to take time to make more consumer-driven decisions based on relevant consumer behavior, which meant receiving the right products exactly when they needed them.


Maintained Inventory, Increase in Revenue

Because we were able to cut down on PO’s, reduce lead time, and hold stock for them, they were able to maintain the exact inventory level and inventory type they needed. This partnership contributed to a 35% revenue increase for our customer during this time.

*NPR,Why Home Improvement Has Surged And How It’s Changing America
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