Integrated Manufacturing Solutions Provides CNC Services in Twin Cities MN

Businesses rely on IMS’s CNC capabilities to deliver high-quality precision products

Integrated Manufacturing Solutions provides top-quality metal fabrication services for all your CNC services in the Twin Cities MN area. Our team of expert Sheet Metal Fabricators employ specialized equipment and precision techniques to cut, bend, and form sheet metal into functional prototypes, high volume production parts, and end-use applications.

At IMS, we are equipped with state-of-the-art CNC laser cutting machines that utilize two solid-state lasers to cut sheet metal from 24 gauge to 1” plate with cut speeds exceeding 2000 inches per minute. Additionally, our 4 CNC Cincinnati Press Brake machines are capable of bending up to 135 tons on a 6-axis machine. Precision sectionalized tooling is utilized to pass sheet metal through a series of dies, resulting in a variety of different forms.

CNC Services in the Twin Cities Minnesota area, sheet metal laser cutting

CNC Methods We Use

We use several methods of precision bending and forming to ensure the highest quality end product,  including:

  • Air bending can be used for thinner sheets since it involves less stretching of the material, which results in less distortion and stress on the part. In addition, air bending is faster than other methods and achieves a higher level of precision.
  • V-bending is a good option for thicker materials and applications involving tighter bend radii.
  • Folding can be used to create complex shapes with multiple bends in one pass. 
  • Coining can be used for both flat and round materials as well as soft and hard materials to achieve tight bend radii and consistent bend angles.
  • Rotary draw bending uses dies rotated around a work piece to create bends of various radii.

Area businesses and precision device and equipment manufacturers have relied on IMS metal fabrication services for over 18 years.  What sets us apart from competitors? 

  • Excellent customer service. We listen intently to your questions and concerns and work with you diligently to create a product that exceeds your expectations.
  • Our knowledge of metal fab materials. Knowing the essential differences between steel forms is key because it can have a huge impact on the result of any product.
  • Saving our customers time and money. Our IMS Sheet metal bending & forming technology allows for cost efficient part consolidation. We practice value engineering to enhance efficiency, spot potential issues early in the process, reduce waste, and save customers time and money.
  • Our precision CNC methods. Our precision cutting, bending and forming methods maintain the high performance of sheet metal while minimizing the risk of damaging the material.
  • Highly skilled employees. Our metal fabricating employees are highly trained in their area of expertise. 

We have the knowledge and experience to precision cut, bend and form aluminum, brass, cold or hot rolled steel sheet, copper, stainless steel, and titanium sheet metal to your custom specifications.

Our company combines cutting-edge technology and services with one-on-one attention to deliver high-quality services and a precision finished product that exceeds your expectations.

Why Choose Integrated Manufacturing Solutions

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  • IMS has the know-how, experience, and technology to manufacture the components, equipment, parts, and end-use products you require at the precise specifications provided, when you need them.
  • Our skilled engineering team is equipped to manage an entire sheet metal fabrication process, from laser cutting to assembly.
  • We hand select experts in CNC metal bending and forming techniques to become part of our team.
  • Creating high-quality precision products that add value to your business is our mission. 
  • Manufacturing Solutions has been providing CNC metal fabrication services to businesses in the Agriculture, Consumer Products, Education, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial, Medical and Retail industries for over 18 years.

At IMS, we are expert industrial sheet metal fabricators that make it simple for businesses to streamline their process and get the parts they need, when they need them.

IMS Capabilities for CNC Services in Twin Cities MN

There is no need to shuffle between metal service providers. IMS provides all-in-one solutions for businesses needing complete metal fabrication solutions services from laser cutting to assembly. Our skilled engineering team will work with your business to provide a cost-efficient, custom-tailored solution for your needs. 
At Integrated Manufacturing Solutions, we proudly serve as the complete metalworking and fabrication partner throughout the Twin Cities, Rochester, and surrounding areas so businesses can focus on creating new products and better serving your customers.

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“We really appreciate your ability to turn things around so quickly and work with us!!”
“Thank you for showing us your facility. I am impressed with how your company handles orders and communicates them to the shop floor. Nice job!”

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