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IMS Careers

We are Integrated Manufacturing Solutions. At IMS, you will have the opportunity to put your unique skills to work. We are passionate about developing and delivering sheet metal solutions to our customers. Our approach is simple. We work as a team to achieve success! Check this page for careers available at IMS.

We have been in business since 2005 and carefully select our team members. Our success came from meeting client needs and having skilled and hardworking folks such as our engineers, sales and customer service team, and those who work directly with our manufacturing equipment.

Are team members have established their careers at LMS by being a part of the difference we are making in our industry. We were the only Midwest manufacturer with an information and production system that was automated. We are able to carry out every aspect of the sheet metal fabrication process thanks to our engineers. We hope to keep making a difference in the sheet metal manufacturing service and welcome you to be a part of that endeavor.

Check out our capabilities page to see the kinds of things you might be working on at IMS!

Check out some fun facts about structural metal fabricators and similar careers at the BLS site!

Although there are currently no open positions at IMS, please feel free to send your resume to Your free to visit our careers page from time to time to see if there are any new opportunities!

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